Who We Are.


We are an Australian, Queensland-based consultancy specialising in cross-cultural business and communication skills.

Our mission is to help professionals develop intercultural business skills so they can build stronger cross-cultural relationships and achieve peak performance from global teams.

Our consultancy services include intercultural business coaching, training and advice.

Our clients are professionals who lead international teams, manage change for international Merger & Acquisitions, manage global mobility, conduct international trade and investment attraction, and who operate in international education, tourism and other global industries.

We believe that Cultural Intelligence (CQ) must go deeper than customs and etiquette.

We focus on understanding deep-rooted cultural differences between business mindsets, communication styles, values and attitudes – all of which can make or break meaningful relationships.

Our signature Scenario-Based Learning methodology results in deeper and longer-lasting understanding among coaching and training participants as they delve into real-life challenges.

Our Expertise.


Craig Shim, Director and founder of Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists, has over two decades of global tourism marketing and cross-cultural consulting experience.

Based in Asia for 14 years (China, Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia), Craig was an advisor and intercultural coach for multinational corporations, the Singapore Embassy and various agencies of the United Nations. In Brisbane, Australia, he provides cross-cultural coaching, training and advice to organisations including Air New Zealand, Boeing, BP, Nike, Pepsi and the Australian Government.

As a foreign resident for half of his professional life, Craig has gleaned first-hand insights into how cultural competency is a prerequisite for forming solid and lasting business and personal relationships.

Furthermore, as a certified intercultural coach, Craig is adept at carefully listening to his clients’ business challenges and then translating complex intercultural theory into practical business solutions.

What you can expect.


We have a global network of intercultural specialists and country experts. Our coaching and training programs are all designed and delivered by qualified intercultural practitioners.


Unlike many diversity programs which focus heavily on compliance or anti-discrimination, all our programs are focused on improving business capabilities and competitiveness.

Furthermore, our cultural insights delve much deeper than business etiquette and customs. We help you understand deep-rooted cultural mindsets so that you can apply cross-cultural business strategies in any situation, not just in the scenarios covered in our discussions.


We are Australia’s only intercultural specialist that exclusively uses Scenario-Based Learning.

This methodology involves clients gaining a practical knowledge of key learning concepts by solving a series of challenging real-life scenarios.

A 21st century education methodology used by leading universities worldwide, Scenario-Based Learning (also known as Problem-Based Learning) has proven to be more effective than other active-learning styles for adults. This means a deeper and longer-lasting understanding of cross-cultural business concepts.


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