So, this is what happens when you invite a room full of community service providers to identify their most challenging cross-cultural scenarios and then co-design practical tips for handling these situations with cultural finesse.

In a workshop I recently facilitated on behalf of Moreton Bay Regional Council, a group of community organisations tackled some truly sensitive topics such as how to approach a co-worker who smells of an exotic meal, how to influence multicultural customers to keep appointments, and how to have a sensitive conversation regarding children of Indigenous families.

Rather than skirting around these diversity and inclusion issues that are often relegated to hushed water-cooler conversations for fear of offending others, I encouraged participants to reframe their thinking to “how can we achieve better outcomes through respectful conversations and culturally-informed practices?”

The result was priceless. See for yourself by downloading this Australian Cultural Resource Guide, released today by Moreton Bay Regional Council and Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists.

This project is an ongoing initiative of Moreton Bay Regional Council as part of their dedication to empowering community service partners with a suite of best-practice cross-cultural skills.

Download the Australian Cultural Resource Guide here.

About the Australia Cultural Resource Guide.

These guidelines were co-created in the “Culturally Appropriate Service Delivery and Engagement” workshop hosted by Moreton Bay Regional Council on 18 April 2018.

Designed and facilitated by Craig Shim from Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists, the workshop invited community organisations to identify real-life cross-cultural scenarios they encounter in the workplace. Using cultural frameworks provided in the workshop, participants then co-designed the guidelines outlined in this Australia Cultural Resource guide. We hope you find them valuable in your own workplace.