Seeking Your Insights into International Study Tours [Survey]

Seeking Your Insights into International Study Tours [Survey]

Attn: Education Professionals, Education Agents, Parents, Students and Travel Professionals.

I’m interested to know the potential for various Australian cities and towns to be included as international study tour destinations for school groups and special-interest groups. In particular, I’m looking for your insights into what factors influence the decision-making process in your country for choosing an overseas study tour destination.

If you’re based outside of Australia, can you spare a few moments to complete this survey link?

You don’t need to answer all the questions. Any insights you can provide will be most appreciated, and in return I’d be happy to share the findings with you after this survey closes on Thursday 6th of July 2017. Please forward this link through your own networks. Don’t worry, you won’t be spammed!

Again, I really appreciate your insights, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to chat further.


Craig Shim
Director, Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists

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About the Author:

Craig Shim is an intercultural consultant with over two decades of global marketing and cross-cultural consulting experience. Previously based in Asia for 14 years (China, Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia) and now operating from Australia, Craig provides cross-cultural coaching to organisations including BHP Billiton, Air New Zealand, Boeing, BP, Nike, PepsiCo and the Australian Government. Craig is the Director and founder of Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists, an Australian, Queensland-based consultancy specialising in cross-cultural business and communication skills.