The 2018 Project Global Citizen Survey is now open, and we’re inviting international students and international education industry professionals in Australia and around the world to take part. Here’s the survey link.

This global survey will measure the cultural challenges that international students encounter during their studies in Australia.

This will be Queensland’s most extensive global survey to date for identifying cultural competency gaps of students in relation to academic learning, social integration, securing internships, employment and safety.

We welcome your participation if you’re involved with recruiting, hosting, educating or supporting international students in Australia.

We also invite survey responses from international students who are coming to, or studying in Australia.

To acknowledge your valuable time, you’ll receive a copy of the key survey findings. The survey is open until 31 October 2018.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Study Queensland.

About Project Global Citizen.

Project Global Citizen is a ground-breaking approach to on-boarding international students and optimising their experience in Australia. A pilot project has been awarded Queensland Government support through the Queensland International Education and Training Partnership Fund (IET Partnership Fund) managed by Study Queensland at Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ). For more information about Project Global Citizen, click on this link.

About the Project Global Citizen Consortium.

Working hand-in-hand with Study Queensland, the Project Global Citizen consortium comprises ISANA Qld, Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists and CTC, Cultural Transition Consulting.

ISANA Qld is the state branch of ISANA International Education Association, Australia’s representative body for international education professionals. ISANA Qld President Samantha Hilbig is the project sponsor for Project Global Citizen.

The founders and project managers of Project Global Citizen are intercultural practitioners Craig Shim and Astrid Hofmann.

Craig Shim is an intercultural consultant with over two decades of global marketing and cross-cultural consulting experience. He is the director and founder of Queensland-based Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists.

Astrid Hofmann is an intercultural consultant with over two and half decades of experience working with multi-national organisations including Defence training institutes in Australia and abroad. She is the founder and Director of CTC, Cultural Transition Consulting.