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Foundations for Improving Cross-Cultural Relational Skills

Enrol now for immediate access to my online course all about how to relate better to customers, clients and colleagues from any cultural background.

 More specifically, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to relate to someone from a different cultural background if you want to influence their behaviour or move them up the scale of satisfaction
  • How to discover and manage your cultural blind spots
  • How to distinguish between cultural differences and personality flaws or professional flaws
  • How to identify the underlying cultural values, motivators and priorities that drive your behaviour, and the behaviour of people from different cultural backgrounds
  • How to bridge any cultural gaps that may be preventing you from relating well to others


What you'll get:

 Step-by-step course lessons to guide your journey all the way through to achieving cross-cultural relatability goal with your customers, clients and colleagues

  • 60 minutes of lessons presented in video format, plus lesson notes and activities
  • Practical indicators of one-star through to five-star relationships, so you can score yourself, set your goal, and track your progress
  • Practical examples of intercultural best practice
  • Self-assessment activities for your personal and professional growth
  • Downloadable Reflection Journal packed with additional resources, self-reflection activities, and best practice frameworks
  • Foundations of Cultural Intelligence, explained in practical terms for immediate action
  • Unlimited access so you can rewatch lessons at any time
  • Risk-Free Guarantee: If you join and feel that the course is not a good fit for you, I’m giving you a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Certificate of Completion for your CPD (Continuing Professional Development) records available upon request



 Module 1: Start Here

  • Welcome aboard

 Module 2: Moving up the Scale of Relatability

  • The Scale of Cross-Cultural Relatability
  • Set your baseline
  • Set your stretch goal
  • My 3-Step Framework for moving up the Scale of Relatability

 Module 3: Cultural Dimensions

  • How we relate, explained in 5 cultural dimensions
  • Relative to someone else, where are you positioned?
  • Find your clues, and your cultural blind spots

 Module 4: Cultural Intelligence as a Relational Skill

  • How are relational skills culturally influenced?
  • It’s time to suspend your common sense!
  • What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?
  • The No. 1 myth about cultural intelligence

 Module 5: Where To From Here?

  • Unlock your cultural curiosity
  • Start stretching your comfort zone now!
  • Final thoughts
  • Share with me your thoughts


What People Are Saying:

We will embed this course into the onboarding process for all our new employees

Global HR Manager, USA

It now makes sense why our D&I initiatives have worked in some of our global offices, but not in others

Head of Diversity and Inclusion (Pharma50 company, USA)

I wish we knew this before we embarked on our international expansion. Gaining the trust of our partners was a long process.

CEO of a mining consortium, Australia